Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT/DPT)

Liquid Penetrant Testing/Dye Penetrant Test(PT/DPT)

Liquid penetrant testing involves the application of a fluid with low viscosity to the material to be tested. This fluid seeps into any defects such as cracks or porosity before a developer is applied which allows the penetrant liquid to seep upwards and create a visible indication of the flaw. Liquid penetrant tests can be conducted using solvent removable penetrants, water washable penetrants or post-emulsifiable penetrants.

Dye Penetrant Inspection (PT/ DPT)

Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPT) is widely used to detect surface breaking flaws. This non-destructive testing technique, also known as liquid penetrant inspection (LPI), is a cost-effective method used to locate surface-breaking flaws such as cracks, porosity, laps, seams, and other surface discontinuities.


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